LPG tanker CLAUDE being kept afloat by Bever after collision in English Channel 20/9/1969 with Darlington.
Built 1967 by J L Meyer
Owner: Trans-Marine AB, Helsingborg
GRT 1244, DWT 1588
Length 68, beam 12 metre
Single screw diesel 12 kts
Renamed: 1982 Caribgas 20 -1988 Eurogas One - 1988 White Star - 1989 Andrea Corsali - 1993 Zhe Ping Ji 151 - 1995 Andrae 1 - 1998 Hao Xia.
Sold to unknown Belize company in 2001, apparently still in service 2010
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In 1969, the small Swedish LPG tanker Claude, having collided with freighter Darlington in the Channel, was abandoned by her crew and shortly thereafter by her pilot (who supposed the crew must know what was good for them). Claude drifted under reverse power, went aground, then capsized and partially sank under tow. Refloated by Bever and moved to Fawley refinery to have a charter vessel pump off the cargo. But when one hose sprang a leak, Claude was hastily abandoned by that vessel, rupturing all the hoses and pipelines. It was only luck and the courage of a few remaining crewmen that got the valves shut before the gas cloud ignited, for a bleve could well have seriously damaged the refinery.
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