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Step 1b; Dealing with the Blob

Time for a new tool; the Lasso Tool. On the tool bar, it is the second icon down from the top left, looking a bit like an open newspaper with a hook hanging off it. To use this tool, you begin by placing the cursor on a point in the image and left-clicking. Now move it to another point on the image and click again. A line will have been drawn. Move and click again. Continue with this until you have surrounded the area you want to work in. The last click should be back at the same point you started at. This results in an enclosed area with an annoying scintillating appearance. The effect is to create a screen which makes all of your picture immune to modifications, painting, drawing etc. All that is except the area beneath the newly selected area. In this image, you will see I have drawn around the mast head light etc so the area that I can paint on will exclude the light. Changing to the Clone Tool, repeat the previous exercise; select a nice lump of blob free sky and using the same process as before, paint this over the selected area. While the blob will disappear beneath the cursor, those bits outside the selected area are "immune". When finished, press "Ctrl D" to deselect the newly cleaned area. How about that!.....








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