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Blobs & Blemishes

The Lasso Tool

The Horizon

Starting Cloning

More Cloning

Straightening Up

Colours & Sharpening


Step 7; And the other "Rubbish"?

Here is a view of where we have reached, having obliterated part of Hampshire's coast line. The first thing to notice about the picture, besides the appearance of sky ahead of the ship, is the wonky aspect to the picture and the red bits around the edge. Not to worry, all part of the plan. The picture is wonky as I rotated it to get a level horizon. Having been rotated, parts of the picture will fall outside the "canvas" and the parts of the canvas where there is no picture show up as red areas.

Although providing a wonderful service at sea, the lifeboat has to go. More importantly (to me at any rate), the oiks on the noise machines also have to go. I could really do with a huge Clone Tool when visiting Calshot; then I could get rid of them "at source"!

The next couple of steps will, therefore, give me great pleasure. Oh yes!


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